What is Lemon+Aid Collective?

The motivation driving the project derives from the difficulties people have when researching topics about their well being and seeking out resources. In order to get the necessary information, the person would have to visit multiple websites to receive quality information. On the Lemon+Aid Collective website, users have access to an ever-increasing amount of listings that will aid them in their search for the necessary topics they search for. Each listing put into the website is reviewed before it is made public and different companies and websites can claim their listings found on the website to promote their information.

Our Goals

– Ensure easy navigation to those looking for resources

– Provide accurate, detailed, and current information

– Provide users different options to search for certain resources

– Improve the status of the website through user feedback

– Give users the strength to seek help and not be afraid to reach out to others 

Mission Statement

Our mission at Lemon+Aid Collective is to provide a website that displays valuable information of different types of mental illness and includes tips on aiding the situation of the users with care, understanding, and trust.

Video Demonstration

Meet The Team

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Interested in Learning More?

You can leave your information on the interest form located in the Contact Us page. Please include your email, name, and other information that would better inform us of who you are. This can include labels such as teacher, student, or other professions.